Let’s make a deal ~ Tradebank helps companies expand their customer base!

Barter exchanges help companies expand their customer base, stay busy during downtimes and earn “money” to buy business necessities.

For as much as 10 percent of the business Grounds Maintenance Services in Brookfield, Wisconsin, does each year, owner Todd Ruedt never gets paid. Yet that $110,000 a year isn’t a loss for Ruedt’s residential and commercial design, installation and maintenance company. Rather, he earns credits – or trade dollars – through the barter exchange he belongs to.

Ruedt isn’t the only landscaping business owner discovering the power of barter. Signing up for a barter exchange can help landscape companies fill gaps in their schedules, move excess inventory, attract new customers and create a new source of income that can be used for business expenses ranging from equipment repairs to advertising.

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