About Us

Tradebank of Knoxville

Marc Davis created the franchise TBK Inc dba Tradebank of Knoxville in 1995. He started by signing up Frameworks as the first client, and they are still members today! Over the course of 23 years Marc educated clients on the value of trading and his passion grew Tradebank of Knoxville to over 500 clients. Today, Tradebank of Knoxville is the largest Tradebank franchise across the United States.

In August of 2018, Marc met Tyke Hillmer, a recently retired U.S. Army veteran, and a new client bond formed. Over ensuing months, Tyke joined Marc and the Tradebank Team in a sales capacity. Marc witnessed Tyke’s service mentality and knew Tyke had the traits to exceed member expectations and carry Tradebank to new heights. As Marc nears a new chapter in life, they swapped roles and Marc continues to serve Tradebank of Knoxville in a sales capacity, while transitioning with Tyke as the new Regional Director. Tradebank is off to the best start in a decade and on pace to land 72 new clients this year!

Tyke Hillmer

Knoxville Regional Owner

Felica Slattery

Knoxville Business Broker

Learn More About Tradebank Barter

Founded in 1987, Tradebank International is an international barter exchange company headquartered in Canton, Georgia. One of the largest barter exchanges in the world, Tradebank represents thousands of business owners and professionals with regional offices across the United States.

Tradebank completes trades for its clients much like a commercial bank does for checks, or a brokerage firm does for stocks. As an intermediary, Tradebank receives a commission on each trade transaction and saves all parties the trouble and process of collection.

Tradebank clients can search the Internet for products and services that are offered by other clients. Trades are conducted over the telephone with the assistance of experienced Tradebank Brokers, who work closely with clients to facilitate their success.

Mission Statement

To be the major nationwide retail and corporate trade exchange system, networking together thousands of progressive companies who understand and use barter as part of their everyday marketing plans.

Dedicated to the growth and prosperity of all of our clients, by acting as an aggressive, financial, marketing and service organization.