If You Live in East TN and Have Vacation Properties ~ READ THIS

Because our Tradebank members love to travel, Tradebank of Knoxville is looking for local owners of hotels, cabins, condos and vacation properties across the nation and beyond! Beach destinations are in demand, and all destinations are o…f interest to us. If your property is losing revenue due to vacancies,  we can help drive potential guests to you to reduce that … Read More

Barter Fits the Bill for Strapped Firms ~ Tradebank of Knoxville

~~~ Barter Fits the Bill for Strapped Firms ~~~~ Small businesses, squeezed for cash and unable to get loans, are turning to an ancient payment system: barter. Daniel Blank, creative director at Bureau Blank Inc., a New York graphic-design and brand-identity company, first used bartering when he started the company in 2004, because it was hard to get capital for … Read More

7 Tips on Barter for Small Business

7 Tips on Barter for Small Business Barter, an $8-12 billion dollar industry, is one of the businesses that flourishes in bad economies, as it offers entrepreneurs many opportunities to acquire things they need and want for no or little cash. Here are some of the things you should know about Barter, a great Bootstrapping activity. 1. It is the … Read More

Rise of the Barter Economy

   ~~~~~   Rise of the Barter Economy   ~~~~~ When Toronto-based financial planner Shannon Simmons offered her expertise to a professional clown, it wasn’t exactly business as usual. Simmons advised her new client to switch from a “couch fund” to a high-interest-bearing account with limited market risk. In exchange for her advice, Simmons received trapeze lessons. Surprisingly, it isn’t the weirdest … Read More

Transactions Don’t Always Involve Money

~~~   Transactions Don’t Always Involve Money   ~~~ Who remembers the days when you traded your bag of potato chips for a chocolate chip cookie? Or when you swapped your skateboard for your friend’s old bike? I’m sure some of you once negotiated to do your brother’s chores for the next three weeks if he would drive you to … Read More

B2B Barter: A Strategic Tool for the New Economy

— B2B Barter: A Strategic Tool for the New Economy — Financing a startup in this economy is challenging. Before buying anything for your startup, consider barter for things like office furniture, phone systems, and advertising, conserving precious operating cash. The old adage “what goes around, comes around” certainly seems to have proved itself true in the case of barter, … Read More

How Bartering Networks Are Helping Small Businesses Cash-In

~~ How Bartering Networks Are Helping Small Businesses Cash-In ~~ Your business has to much inventory and cash is tight – could bartering be the answer? While it may seem antiquated, modern-day bartering networks are smoothing out the wrinkles and many small businesses are turning to barter as a quick fix  during tough economic times. Click here to view [Infographic] ~ … Read More

Bartering Makes a Comeback

Bartering Makes a Comeback A graduate student trades the bananas he grows to a local café for gift cards. On Craigslist, a beekeeper on Hawaii Island says he wants to swap a Langstroth beehive for a sailboat or greenhouse. Using a bartering network, a freelance copywriter sells enough of her writing services to pay for an accountant. This is modern … Read More

This Couple Bartered For Their Entire $80,000 Wedding

== This Couple Bartered For Their Entire $80,000 Wedding == The average couple may spend about $30,000 on a wedding, but Jessica Norgard and Isaac Aaron Piche aren’t your average couple. Rather than shell out the kind of money that could buy the newlyweds a car, they decided to barter for their entire wedding. The Fresno-based couple dated for seven years and … Read More

7 Keys to Smart Bartering

~~~ 7 Keys to Smart Bartering ~~~ Watches, baseball cards, cupcakes and cookies, artwork, a journal entry, a bike, and even a dog all found new homes last month at Main Street Family Dentistry in Tupelo, Miss. Dentist Harry Rayburn and his staff accepted the tokens as a barter from 60 patients on a single day in May in exchange … Read More