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As a Tradebank client, you have working for you a solid, experienced organization with regional exchange offices across North America. Your account will personally be managed by a Trade Broker, who is part of a dynamic brokerage team working together to promote your business. You receive continual guidance and support for your spending needs, and assistance in maximizing the benefits of this revolutionary business tool. Think of your Trade Broker as another resource to manage your business; however, where more resources COST you money, your Trade Broker MAKES you money.

When one looks at service, no other trade exchange comes close to Tradebank. Your Tradebank broker is the ultimate trade professional – well trained, highly knowledgeable, and experienced in all aspects of trade.


Working closely with you in every aspect of your trade business, your broker will:

  • Promote your business & bring you new sales
  • Assist you in sourcing products and services
  • Facilitate larger trade transactions

Every step of the way your Tradebank broker will help you to succeed in your trade business. No other trade exchange is as comprehensive or responsive!


Strength, knowledge, experience – reasons companies the world over choose Tradebank.

COVID-19 NoticeWe're Still Here And Serving You

From our Regional Director, Tyke Hillmer -

In respect to the current economic situation, we want our members to know that we are working to assist clients any way we can. 

Tradebank International agreed to our request to waive all late fees to our Knoxville members, now through the end of June.  If you receive a late fee, please inform your broker so we can address it with the corporate team. In addition, please contact Beth or Connie if you need information on setting up a monthly payment plan (interest free).

In other news, we are off to a fast start in 2020 with 18 new members!  To ignite more growth, Tradebank International approved a $99 enrollment fee through the end of June (down from $495).  To complement this effort, Tradebank of Knoxville will pay T$1,000 to the member with the most qualified referrals from January 1 through December 15, 2020.  

Thank you for being part of the Tradebank Team.  Please don't hesitate to contact me directly if there is anything else I can do to better assist you as we progress day by day. 


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