How We Started…

Tradebank of Knoxville

How we started…
Marc Davis created the franchise TBK Inc dba Tradebank of Knoxville in 1995. He started by signing up Frameworks as his first client, and they are still members today! Over the course of 23 years Marc educated clients on the value of trading and his passion grew Tradebank of Knoxville to over 500 clients. Today, Tradebank of Knoxville is the largest Tradebank franchise across the United States.
In August of 2018, Marc met Tyke Hillmer, a recently retired U.S. Army veteran, and a new client bond formed. Over ensuing months, Tyke joined Marc and the Tradebank Team in a sales capacity. Marc witnessed Tyke’s service mentality and knew Tyke had the traits to exceed member expectations and carry Tradebank to new heights. As Marc nears a new chapter in life, they swapped roles and Marc continues to serve Tradebank of Knoxville in a sales capacity, while transitioning with Tyke as the new Regional Director. Tradebank is off to the best start in a decade and on pace to land 72 new clients this year!


Barter Exchange is a simple concept: Trading what you have, to acquire what you need.

As a Knoxville Tradebank client, imagine having the freedom to purchase exactly what you are looking for by simply trading your goods or services. Keep your cash in your pocket and trade with other members that offer the products and services you want. With our easy to use online system, you can quickly and conveniently search for what you’re looking for and manage both your “purchase requests” and the “selling of your goods and services.”

You will quickly recognize the benefits of using additional new revenue to purchase products and services for which you otherwise would have to deplete your cash, or worse yet, do without! At Tradebank of Knoxville, our clients have the flexibility to use their “trade dollars” earned to purchase what they want or need from thousands of businesses within our worldwide Tradebank network.

No longer are companies restricted to one-on-one trades. We make this possible through what we call a “trade dollar.” One “trade dollar” is the equivalent to a US dollar, and all services are on a retail-to-retail basis. So, what you would charge the cash customer is the same that you would charge a trade customer, but they would pay with trade dollars instead.


To see how Trade/Barter exchange has worked for a number of members both here in Knoxville, as well as throughout the organization, see our PDF documents over to the left under the “More Information” section. Here we’ve included one the most recent Tradebank “Trade Street Journals,” “Resource for Restaurants” and a “Resource for Retail.”

Here’s an example:

Your printing cost is $1000. You can pay that with:

Credit Card


Trade your goods and services at your full retail price
By trading, what is your REAL cost for the printing?

If the average business had .50 cents invested in every dollar of product or service they sold, then the TRUE cost of trading was only $500. You have just saved your
business $500.

  • Brings you new business on a continuing basis
  • Conserves your cash
  • Frequently increases your profit margin
  • Lowers your overhead cost
  • Members refer new cash customers
  • Itemized monthly statement
  • Valuable new business contacts
  • Multi-state and international trading privileges
  • Your gross margin is inverted into a discount when you buy
  • We do all the bookkeeping for your transactions

You Can’t Lose! We guarantee to bring you new business within the first year or we will make a full refund of your retainer fee.

Call Tradebank of Knoxville today to learn more about becoming an active member!