Getting an authorization

Paying with Tradebank is no different than paying with any other debit or credit card. It is always the responsibility of the seller to obtain the authorization; it is how they are paid. The authorization is given via or you can call our automated 800 line. The seller simply asks the buyer for their Tradebank 16 digit card number (just like a credit card) and then processes the transaction. The funds are then transferred from the buyer’s account to the seller’s account. Both account balances are reflected all in real time.

Tax Implications

Consult with your accountant to understand the tax implications. Generally, barter sales and income work just like cash. All reguar business deductions apply. Those bartering within a network will receive a form called a 1099-B, or “Proceeds From Broker and Barter Exchange Transactions.” You are reqiured to file this form when you file your business’ income taxes. The exchange network is obligated to report your transactions to the IRS, so always keep records like any other business transaction.

Company Benefits

Trade dollars can be used for employee benefits, such as dental, medical, travel and employee bonus plans.

Do you have excess inventory?

Promote and barter those items that are slow to move and get trade dollars for them! Now spend those new trade dollars on…Marketing? Printing? Equipment?Products? Needed services? Whatever you need to further grow your business!

More Trade Opportunities = More business

Increase your business nationwide with other members around the country. Doing business is as easy as searching through our network and making a phone call. Find what you need..make contact..make a deal. Sound familiar? The difference is you are saving your cash and doing it all on the value of your products and services.

Gift Giving

Use trade dollars to provide gifts for valued customers.

Increased Marketing = More Business

Use trade dollars to market your business. Radio, Print, TV can all be done with your trade dollars. Keep cash in your poket and market your company for the price of your goods and services!

The network updates daily

New members are joining other offices all across the Tradebank network. New companies and products update every day. So you never know what you may find listed the next time you check back!

Trade Items Go Quickly

Sell unwanted items on our excusive classifieds. Collect those trade dollars for anything your not using any more. Now spend those new found trade dollars on what your currently needing or looking for.
OLD Items = New Items
Before you buy it with cash…buy it with Tradebank!

The Benefits of Trade are Incredible

  • Brings you new business on a continuing basis
  • Conserves your cash
  • Frequently increases your profit margin
  • Lowers your overhead cost
  • Members refer new cash customers
  • No accounts receivable
  • No bad debts or bad checks
  • Itemized monthly statement
  • Valuable new business contacts
  • Multi-state and international trading privileges
  • Your gross margin is inverted into a discount when you buy
  • We do all the bookkeeping for your transactions