Bartering For Business Growth

~~ Bartering For Business Growth ~~

As small business owners continue to look for ways to grow during tough economic times, many are taking a fresh look at barter as an opportunity to unload excess inventory, use downtime, fulfill operational needs, expand their reach and make the investments necessary to sustain and grow their businesses — all while conserving cash flow.

In economic downturns, entrepreneurs have less cash to spend, making barter’s cashless system of trading goods and services especially appealing. And it’s easy to get started. A business lists a good or service for trade through a barter exchange. In return, the business receives a trade credit based on the dollar value of the good or service offered. It can then use those trade dollars to “purchase” goods or services offered by other members. It’s a simple exchange, but, as a result, businesses access a rich, varied network of actively bartering members. –

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